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We provide a wide and integrated range of residential architectural and interior design services from small cosmetic makeovers to major additions. We provide architecture, engineering, space planning, cabinet selection, lighting design, on through carpet, paint, tile design, and countertops. We can also develop site hardscapes such as decks, patios, and accessory structures. These are all of great benefit to the owner as the interface is seamless rather than finding out too late that they weren't planned in conjunction with each other.


Many times a simple "Face Lift" can make a home feel like new. Sometimes it is only one or two elements that are changed and yet the house feels as though it had a major remodel. It could be lighting, a new window that's brings in winter light and allows you connect to the outdoors, exterior trim, or removing a wall between two small rooms. It really doesn't take much to make a significant difference.


For families looking to improve the functionality of their house this can be done with an addition, space planning without an addition, and even building out the basement. It is common in older houses to need another bedroom and often another bathroom. It's equally common that we can find space for these items within the existing structure and when we can't we add what's needed.


For those looking to age in place a remodel can be space planning along with accessibility features such as grab bars, opening up spaces for better access and movement, better lighting, lift or elevator location, and exterior accessibility issues. Several of these treatments would also apply to downsizing and repurposing of spaces.


An emerging interest is adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or a Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (back yard cottages). These can serve as guest quarters, independent living for aging parents or other family members, or for income potential by way of monthly rentals or vacation rentals.

When evaluating these opportunities we look at all the factors affecting the decision and not just the design. How much improvement is appropriate the neighborhood? Are you staying in the house long enough to have the work pay off for you? How long do you plan to stay in the house? These elements affect the design approach so the owner gets optimal value from the money spent.

We then create a costing analysis to see how the scope will play out so the best decisions can be made with the most information possible. We also provide master planning to spread out improvements over time and money.

Execution of the abovementioned services can also be done in whole or part meaning that we can act as the agent for the owner on all aspects of the project or we can work with the owner to execute their project. We have done many projects like this and know intimately what the pros and cons are with each approach.

We offer a free "Cook's Tour" of your project where we tour the house, listen to you talk about it and your future goals, and then sit down and discuss our observations and your budget. Please call to set up a time.